Friday, 2nd December 2022


31 Mar 2019
European Tech Alliance President Gianpiero Lotito discusses the European Union's new digital copyright rules and the potential impact of Brexit on the tech industry with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."
17 Feb 2019
Artificial intelligence: Digital labour or slaves to the click?
30 Jan 2019
Dmitry Levit, founder and partner at Cento Ventures, talks about the investment opportunities in Southeast Asian technology companies.
13 Jan 2019
Google Inc. Vice President of Search and Assistant Nick Fox discusses the unveiling of new partnerships to get its digital assistant into more homes.
15 Dec 2018
A digital milestone: 51% of world population now connected to internet.
29 Nov 2018
Facebook Inc. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg was absent from a meeting with U.K. lawmakers from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, which responded by tweeting out a picture of an empty chair reserved for Zuckerberg.
20 Nov 2018
Eswar Prasad, senior fellow at Brookings Institute, discusses how central banks may incorporate digital currencies in the future.
3 Oct 2018
In a digital age, literacy takes on added importance. One country still working to raise literacy levels is India. DW's Ashish Malhotra went to a village just outside Delhi where one girl is aiming to change her family's fortunes.
24 May 2018
Matt Hancock, U.K. secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport, discusses the future of the technology sector in Europe. He speaks to Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde at the Viva Tech conference in Paris.
14 Dec 2017
According to the recently released State of the Digital Finance Services in Nigeria state of the market report, 2016 financial inclusion patterns still remain below the National Financial Inclusion Strategy target.
13 Oct 2017
Digital Germany - discovering tomorrow. How is digitalization changing our lives?
27 Jul 2017
NCC to train 50,000 University staff on digital skills.


5 hours ago
Janusz Walus was due to be released on parole after serving nearly 30 years in prison for killing anti-apartheid leader Chris Hani. News of his expected release caused wide controversy.
5 hours ago
The leaders of Germany and Norway have said they will propose that NATO plays a role in protecting undersea infrastructure like gas pipelines or fiber optic cables. This follows the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines.
6 hours ago
Content creator Ben Black is trying to see all 64 games at the World Cup – the first time anyone has attempted such a feat.
7 hours ago
Bangladesh's ruling Awami League has a firm grip on the country's politics, and experts say electoral reform is needed to break the one-party monopoly.
7 hours ago
The German government has adopted an action plan against antisemitism that is being described as a milestone. But much depends on its implementation, with antisemitic hate speech on the rise.
7 hours ago
India's central bank hopes a digital rupee will facilitate cheaper and easier financial transactions, as well as protect people from the volatility of private cryptocurrencies.