Saturday, 10th June 2023


11 May 2019
Direct democracy: Power to the people?
14 Apr 2019
Voting begins in the world's largest democracy
30 Jan 2019
In an exclusive interview ahead of Nigeria’s elections, former president Olusegun Obasanjo talked to DW about why he feels there are reasons to celebrate democracy in Africa, even if a lot remains to be done.
5 Dec 2018
Do-or-die politics bane of Nigeria's democracy.
2 Dec 2018
The former US president supported German unification when others would not. He did so because he believed German democracy had succeeded, Bush's point man for German unification, Robert Zoellick, told DW.
24 Nov 2018
Bill seeking the declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day scales second reading in Reps.
14 Jun 2018
CSOs accuse Buhari of hiding 'in the other room' when people were dying for democracy.
11 Feb 2018
Nigeria's democracy after almost two decades.
10 Feb 2018
African Politics - Jega scores democracy in Africa low.
28 Oct 2017
The Madrid government sacks Catalonia’s president and dismisses its parliament, hours after the region declared itself an independent nation in Spain’s gravest political crisis since the return of democracy four decades ago.
21 Jul 2017
Nigeria's Democracy - Opposition party promises to play an active role.
1 May 2017
Democracy is a process, not a destination - Senator Mamora


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44 mins ago
In a big gamble for the world’s most valuable company, Apple is widely expected to launch its first major new product in almost a decade at its annual developers' conference next week: a virtual reality headset.
1 hour ago
Desperate families are trying to secure the release of more than 20,000 Ukrainians held captive by Russia. Rights activists have said the Geneva Conventions are being violated.
2 hours ago
June 4 marks the 34th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in China. Usually, Hong Kongers take the lead in commemorating this event with massive candle light vigils. But, since China imposed its national security law in 2020, public criticism of the regime in Beijing has become dangerous.
2 hours ago
In mainland Europe's westernmost country, water is becoming scarce. Still, Portuguese politicians continue to focus on economic activities that consume particularly large amounts of water, activists say.
2 hours ago
With the UN's refugee agency bureau on the verge of closing, those in limbo fear their already grave situation is about to get worse.