Saturday, 21st May 2022


19 Mar 2020
New Zealand lawmakers voted in favor of treating abortion as a health issue, instead of a crime. The passage of the bill was a win for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who had pledged in 2017 to decriminalize abortion.
13 Jan 2020
UN report: DR Congo violence may amount to crimes against humanity
3 Jan 2020
Police in Ogun State has paraded three suspects arrested for the killing of a final year student of the Lagos State University for ritual purpose. They are 23-year-old, Owolabi Adeeko, his mother Bola Adeeko and a pastor of a white garment church, Segun Philip, who was alleged to have led the ritual process.
22 Dec 2019
The Commissioner of Police Ogun police command, Kenneth Ebrimson, has launched Operation Restore Hope in the State. Launching the operation at Sango Ota Area command, Assistant Commissioner of Police Monday Agbonika said the operation is an initiative of CP Kenneth Ebrimson is aimed at checkmating the activities of criminals especially during the yuletide season and reassuring the people of Ogun State that they can go about their normal activities.” The importance of the operation, according to him, “is to reclaim the public space from the heinous criminal element that is bent on threatening or breaching the state security and order.”
4 Nov 2019
Four deaths under anesthesia have led to the arrest of a suspected fake doctor in central Germany. The 48-year-old woman had joined clinic staff in 2015 but her lack of medical licensing only emerged in January.
7 Oct 2019
Apps that alert friends and report a crime to authorities are increasingly popular in one of the world's most dangerous regions for women. However, the digital divide means fewer options for those without smartphones.
6 Oct 2019
What Nigeria should do to fight corruption - Sen. Matthew Urhoghide
5 Oct 2019
Hundreds of people took to the streets in different parts of Iraq to demand more basic services and to protest corruption and unemployment, a situation that in Baghdad devolved into a pitched battle between security forces and demonstrators that left one protester dead and some 200 people injured.
21 Sep 2019
David West, a 26-year-old suspected serial killer confesses after he was arrested along East-West Road en route Uyo from Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The police said West confessed to killing 15 women.
23 Aug 2019
An FBI investigation has indicted 80 individuals for cyber fraud activities across the United States and the world. Among the 80 indicted, 77 Nigerians top the list engaged in various frauds like business email compromise (BEC), romance scam and phishing.
6 Aug 2019
Sifon Essien engages security expert on the significance of using technology in fighting crime and criminality.
17 May 2019
A crime reporter has been killed in the Mexican resort town of Playa del Carmen, the fifth journalist slain in the country so far this year. He had been under official government protection.


3 hours ago
The Ukrainian government has been unable to collect taxes since Russia's invasion, and now international support aims to prop up its budget.
4 hours ago
She is the first woman to hold the position in over 30 years. French President Emmanuel Macron and Borne were expected to appoint the full government within days.
4 hours ago
American military leaders said the soldiers would help counter the Islamic extremist group al-Shabab in the Horn of Africa country.
4 hours ago
Elisabeth Borne has been appointed France's new prime minister. The former transport, ecology and labour minister faces numerous challenges, with the most pressing priority being helping French households with the soaring cost of living. She will also need to tackle the thorny issue of pension reform as well as steer the country through a major energy transition. Plus, Moscow residents display mixed feelings after US fast food giant McDonald's announces it's pulling out of Russia for good.
6 hours ago
Researchers from the US and France say that having more than 2 kids could have a negative effect on late-life cognition. The researchers analyzed data from the Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe (SHARE).
6 hours ago
In the French region of Burgundy, home to the city of Dijon, it's not just the grapes that are famous. The region's other star fruit is the blackcurrant. A whole market has emerged based on the cultivation of this small berry. Today, the precious black fruit is transformed in many ways. Its best-known use in France is in the production of the famous liqueur known as crème de cassis, but blackcurrant is also used in cooking and even in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. We take a closer look.