Thursday, 29th September 2022


9 Jun 2020
France is full of different beliefs, but it's also packed with legends. In the southern Hérault region, the miraculous fountain of Lunas is believed to have a healing effect on the eyes. Those who come regularly, equipped with handkerchiefs, make a ritual of it. Meanwhile, at the highest point of Brittany, at an altitude of 385 metres, the Arrée Mountains are populated by strange-looking creatures: the Korrigans. FRANCE 24 takes you on a journey of discovery from south to northwest.
27 Dec 2019
Eye-catching creatures are regularly popping up in cities all over the United States: giant inflatable rats. These balloons are used by unions to publicize labor disputes - and they are facing extermination.


4 hours ago
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6 hours ago
US President Joe Biden has declared the pandemic to be "over," but hundreds still die in the US daily. Patient advocates and researchers warn that public health and the economy are still at risk.
6 hours ago
There is a run on the pound and panic in the markets over the UK's biggest tax cut for the rich in half a century. New Prime minister Liz Truss taking the concept of 'going for broke' to a whole new level with an almighty gamble that the deficit will take care of itself once all the investment pours in.
7 hours ago
Melting ice is one of the key threats of climate change. This year, low snowfall and persistent heat waves caused a 6% loss of glaciers in the Alps, according to a new Swiss study.
7 hours ago
Director and screenwriter Andrew Dominik's image-fuelled adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates's novel "Blonde" is now available on Netflix. Film critic Lisa Nesselson tells us why what the director has called "an emotional nightmare fairy tale" is a powerful immersion into the circumstances of Marilyn Monroe, a performer who was anything but a so-called dumb blonde.
8 hours ago
You probably know that when a water bottle in a freezer reaches zero degrees, its volume changes, causing the bottle to explode. If you've studied thermodynamics, you may know that magnets gradually lose their magnetic charge when heated.