Saturday, 2nd July 2022


29 Dec 2017
Finding a parking space may soon become much easier thanks to a car that can fold itself up and squeeze into small spaces, as Stuart McDill reports.
29 Nov 2017
Racing driver Jean-Eric Vergne pits his electric car against a cheetah to highlight the endangered animal's plight.
15 Oct 2017
Car chase ends in rescue for Sydney police.
28 Sep 2017
German car maker takes over Formula Electric team as manufacturers flock to series.
25 Jun 2017
Car bomb in Syria's Idlib province kills 10 - war monitor.
26 Apr 2017
A dramatic car chase in Los Angeles ends with police shooting the suspected car thief.
15 Mar 2017
Lawyer narrates how Nigerian customs sold His N4.2m car for N60,000.
23 Feb 2017
The Mercedes F1 team's new 2017 car, the FW08, was glimpsed on the track for the first time on Thursday, February 23 before its formal unveiling.
16 Feb 2017
Sliding car knocks mother and child off slope in China.


51 mins ago
The European Commission is set to present its strategy for a united effort to ensure gas supplies for the coming winter. Meanwhile, the European Council has adopted a plan to ensure gas storage capacity is filled.
57 mins ago
Sports-loving nuns sometimes meet resistance in the church. That doesn't damper the Vatican's female soccer players' enthusiasm.
1 hour ago
War, climate change, hunger, poverty and health will be on the agenda of the G7 summit in Germany. This will be a key opportunity for Chancellor Olaf Scholz to show strong leadership.
1 hour ago
Latvian singer Intars Busulis had millions of fans in Russia and a successful concert career. But he has given all that up now. He is writing pro-peace songs and using social media to try to show Russians what is happening in Ukraine. The move has come at some cost.
3 hours ago
South Africa's small businesses, still reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and squeezed by inflation at a five-year peak, are now taking further strain during the worst power cuts in over two years.
1 day ago
The remains of Congolese icon Patrice Lumumba, the country's first prime minister, are laid to rest in Kinshasa. Belgium returned a tooth belonging to the murdered independence hero earlier this month. Also, African ministers of education were in Paris on Thursday for a UNESCO summit on tackling the devastating effect that the pandemic has had on education.