Sunday, 7th August 2022


29 Mar 2018
'Heya!' is the lead single off Brymo's critically acclaimed sixth studio album - OṢÓ.
15 Feb 2018
Official Video of the smash hit single Ara (Wonders) from Chocolate City by Brymo (Ibrahim ashimi Olawale) the video was shot on location in Lagos Nigeria and directed by Aje Filmworks.
12 Feb 2018
Singing sensation, Olawale Ashimi better known as Brymo single 'Alajọ Ṣomolu' off his album titled 'Klĭtôrĭs'. The music video was directed by cinematographer, Uche Chukwu and shot on location in Lagos.
11 Nov 2017
Behind the scene video of Brymo for Guardian Life cover


2 hours ago
The move will allow more federal funding and measures to be used to fight the disease in the US. The announcement follows a similar declaration by the World Health Organization.
2 hours ago
Germany's queer community is demanding that the Catholic Church accept their sexual identities. More than 100 members, including pastors, friars, and nuns have come out recently.
4 hours ago
Aung Kyaw Moe, human rights adviser to Myanmar's National Unity Government, speaks with DW about the execution of four pro-democracy activists in Myanmar, as well as Rohingya rights and democratization.
4 hours ago
The head of the Greek intelligence service has stepped down during a scandal after a reported attempt to spy on an opposition politician. The resignation came amid swirling accusations about the use of Predator software.
5 hours ago
The richest man in the world has claimed in court that Twitter lied to him about key parts of the business. The Tesla CEO is facing a lawsuit to force him to go through with his purchase of the social media company.
5 hours ago
China's military drills in the waters around Taiwan are prompting regional powers such as Japan to rethink defense strategies. Could East Asia be on the brink of an arms race?