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Boris Johnson

25 Sep 2019
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson responds to a question about the recent calls for his resignation. He speaks during a meeting with President Donald Trump in New York.
24 Sep 2019
The UK Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful. The court ruled that Parliament can reconvene "as soon as possible."
18 Sep 2019
Salmon, snails, and the Irish backstop were on the menu as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson met European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Luxembourg. Johnson had said he has no appetite for a Brexit delay.
15 Sep 2019
Boris Johnson visits Dublin
13 Sep 2019
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson denied that he lied to the Queen over his reasons for proroguing Parliament. The five-week suspension was ruled unlawful by a Scottish court.
10 Sep 2019
Nick Rowley, a political analyst who was an adviser to then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair, talks about the political turmoil in the country. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will press on with his plan to deliver Brexit by Oct. 31, senior ministers said, despite defeats in Parliament and the sudden resignation of Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd with a furious attack on his leadership. Rowley speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia."
7 Sep 2019
Boris Johnson said the UK and EU need to "step up the tempo" with bi-weekly Brexit talks. While Johnson tries to quickly renegotiate a divorce deal, his plans to suspend Parliament are being challenged in court.
6 Sep 2019
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's constitutional maneuvers to prorogue Parliament would be unthinkable in Germany. Constitutional law professors in the country say they're baffled by recent developments in the UK.
5 Sep 2019
Has Johnson lost control? Move to block no-deal Brexit triggers call for snap poll.
5 Sep 2019
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced an impassioned attack from Sikh Labour lawmaker Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi over a 2018 newspaper article the premier wrote in which he compared Muslim women wearing burqas covering their faces and bodies to letterboxes and bank-robbers. Dhesi drew applause from opposition members of parliament over his stance. Johnson did not reply directly, accusing Labour of anti-semitism. Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson admonished Johnson for his response, saying the prime minister “must be more careful’’ about what he says.
4 Sep 2019
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged his own Conservative MPs not to support an opposition maneuver to block a "no-deal" Brexit. The UK Parliament is set for heated debate when it reconvenes on Tuesday. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged his own Conservative MPs not to support an opposition maneuver to block a "no-deal" Brexit. The UK Parliament is set for heated debate when it reconvenes on Tuesday.
1 Sep 2019
The British people took to the streets of London to vent their anger at Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue Parliament. Lawmakers have also reacted with indignation, comparing the move to a coup d'etat.


28 mins ago
The government is following through on its pledge to decriminalize abortion. Officials plan to abolish a law that subjects doctors who publish information on abortion procedures to prosecution.
28 mins ago
German energy official Klaus Müller has said the country's gas situation is stable but predicted higher prices for consumers. He also said that Germany can last another 2 1/2 months without Russian gas.
28 mins ago
Israeli lawmakers have voted in favor of a preliminary measure to dissolve parliament. It is the first step toward a fifth election in less than four years. The vote could take place in autumn.
2 hours ago
Whether you like it or not, the term "woke" has entered our vocabulary. Born out of the anti-racist struggles of African Americans in the 1950s, it initially meant awake or politically aware. More recently, its meaning has morphed into a derogatory term, often used by right-wing commentators, for people who fight for a cause. Here in France, the term le wokisme is also emerging, but nearly always in its negative connotation. In Perspective, we spoke to Alex Mahoudeau, author of "La panique woke, anatomie d'une offensive réactionnaire", or "Woke panic, anatomy of a reactionary offensive".
2 hours ago
Josep Borrell, the EU's foreign policy chief has called for Russia to end its blockade of Ukrainian ports. His comments come ahead of a meeting of the bloc's 27 foreign ministers.
2 hours ago
The European Commission has recommended candidate status for Ukraine. Just over three months after being invaded by Russia, Kyiv has cleared the first hurdle on the road to membership.