Thursday, 18th August 2022


26 Oct 2019
A disabled street artist in Abidjan says painting heals and boosts morale as he sells his work in the Ivorian capital.
12 Oct 2019
Serbian make-up artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic turns herself into a human fork with an extraordinary bodypaint illusion.
6 Jun 2019
Wearing a white blouse and her dark hair hanging loose, Ai-Da looks like an artist at work as she studies her subject and puts pencil to paper. But the beeping from her bionic arm gives her away - Ai-Da is a robot.
19 May 2019
A 1986 "Rabbit" sculpture by American pop artist Jeff Koons sold for $91.1 million in New York on Wednesday, a record price for a work by a living artist, Christie's auction house said.
20 Apr 2019
A Hong Kong artist has created an artificial intelligence robot which creates its own unique paintings, asking the question: can a robot have an imagination?
27 Mar 2019
The Dubai Art Fair is the latest to follow a global trend by giving a large space to Sub-Saharan artists.
23 Feb 2019
Canadian artist Bradley Hart filmed the preparation of his new art project called 'Deconstructing Seurat' in New Jersey, United States between November 2018 and February 2019.
12 Feb 2019
Carrying a bag full of domestic waste, artist Mariya Sorokina goes to a recycling centre on the outskirts of Kiev every weekend to dispose of her waste responsibly.
5 Feb 2019
South African artist Lengelo Gumede dreams of establishing the continent's first wax museum that could help immortalise Africa's leading personalities in the same vein as the world renowned Madame Tussauds.
23 Jan 2019
Vietnamese authorities have recently passed a law requiring social media censorship of "anti-state" content. Dissident artists and activists fear that their space for expression and protest will soon vanish.
28 Nov 2018
Artist Taryn Simon speaks with Bloomberg's Mark Miller at Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead summit in New York.
16 Nov 2018
An iconic 1972 painting by British artist David Hockney soared to $90.3 million at Christie's on Thursday, smashing the record for the highest price ever paid at auction for a work by a living artist.


1 day ago
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1 day ago
After speaking with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, the German chancellor bristled at his use of the words apartheid and Holocaust with regards to Israel.
1 day ago
11 Hindu men given life sentences for raping a Muslim woman in 2002 and killing seven of her family have been released from prison. The rape took place during riots in Gujarat state, led at the time by Narendra Modi.
1 day ago
Officials of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) currently being questioned by the Nigerian Senate have claimed that some of the payment vouchers relating to the transfer of the sum of 17.16 billion in 2013 have been eaten up by termites.
1 day ago
The vast majority of Sierran Leoneans — 80 percent in fact — are under 35. But is the government doing enough to empower this young generation? DW's Edith Kimani asks young Sierra Leoneans if they feel powerful enough to make their mark on the global stage.
1 day ago
Kenya's electoral commission has announced William Ruto as winner of the East African country's presidential election amid chaotic scenes, including commission officials disowning the result.