Thursday, 1st June 2023

Amnesty international

11 Jan 2018
Herdsmen farmers clashes - Amnesty International wants issue treated seriously.
14 Dec 2017
Rights group Amnesty International has accused the European Union of being complicit in the abuse of tens of thousands of African migrants being held in Libyan detention centers.
31 Aug 2017
Nigerian government forcibly kidnap hundreds to instil fear among the populace, says Amnesty International.
12 Aug 2017
Amnesty international accuses army of extra judicial killing.


1 hour ago
Moldova, which borders Ukraine, is hosting the second European Political Community summit, as it seeks to solidify its EU bid. The 27 EU members and their European allies are gathering in a show of unity.
2 hours ago
In Budapest, Sevilla fans were leaving the stadium chanting and showing the number seven with their fingers, symbolising the seventh trophy in Europa League for their team.
2 hours ago
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is concluding his three-nation tour in Australia as India seeks to assert its role in the Indo-Pacific.
2 hours ago
Democracies across the globe are facing a crisis. Deepening inequalities, social injustices, and failure to effectively tackle global warming have fostered a widespread sentiment that elected officials no longer cater to voters' interests.
3 hours ago
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5 hours ago
Kanye West and his new wife Bianca Censori have moved into a luxury penthouse in West Hollywood.