Friday, 3rd February 2023

Al Makura

16 Nov 2019
Many undocumented foreigners responsible for illegal mining in Nigeria, says Al-Makura
22 Feb 2019
Governor Al-Makura denies setting up a command centre in government house
21 Jan 2018
Governor Wike, Al-Makura and Bello condemn Benue killings.
23 Sep 2017
Al-Makura seeks International collaboration to boost state revenue.
9 Apr 2017
Govs Al-Makura, Masaari inspect on-going works.
18 Mar 2017
Our internally generated revenue increased by 300% since 2011 - Al-Makura


1 hour ago
The International Olympic Committee are making plans to reintegrate Russia and Belarussian athletes. Polish sports minister Kamil Bortniczuk has claimed that up to 40 countries could boycott the 2024 Olympics in protest.
1 hour ago
Andrea Riseborough's surprise Oscar nomination for "To Leslie" shows how social media is transforming awards campaigning.
1 hour ago
With the latest increase, the Fed's target interest rate is set in a range between 4.50% and 4.75% — its highest level since late 2007. The Fed has been rapidly hiking rates since March of 2022 in a bid to snuff out persistent inflation.
1 hour ago
A Kobe Bryant game-worn jersey is expected to set a record when it hits the auction block at Sotheby’s from February 2 to 9.
2 hours ago
At a memorial to victims of Argentina's military dictatorship, Germany's Olaf Scholz said it made him think of Iran's ongoing crackdown on protesters. He also visited a VW factory.
2 hours ago
The European Union is set to introduce new rules that would enable governments in the bloc to support their green industries. New laws in the USA and China are forcing the EU to adapt. France and Germany applaud the move.