Saturday, 2nd July 2022

Air France

6 Apr 2021
The European Union has approved a plan to prop up Air France amid a pandemic-induced collapse in passenger numbers. In return, the airline must give up some flight slots to competitors.
24 Nov 2020
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9 May 2020
Air France warns of job cuts as Covid-19 losses mount
2 Aug 2018
Frederic Gagey, chief financial officer and interim chief executive officer at Air France-KLM, discusses second-quarter results and the search for a new CEO.
7 May 2018
Air France-KLM Group shares fell sharply in Paris trading following last week's resignation of Chief Executive Officer Jean-Marc Janaillac.


2 hours ago
Ethopian entrepreneur Kidist Tesfaye challenges pollution by producing ecofriendly bags out of paper and fabrics.
2 hours ago
Russian lawmakers passed a law expanding the definition of "foreign agents," a tool used to crack down on Kremlin critics and impose new restrictions.
3 hours ago
JK Rowling has been defended by Warner Bros after a question about her was blocked at a ‘Harry Potter’ event.
3 hours ago
Small business owners in South Africa's Soweto say power outages - some of the worst to hit South Africa - have forced them to cut hours and staff.
4 hours ago
In this week's Street Debate, Christine Mhundwa meets young people demanding change in Eswatini. The small southern African country is one of the last remaining absolute monarchies in the world, and some young people believe the king is abusing his powers.
4 hours ago
The Vietnamese government's commitment to action on climate change is in the spotlight after a leading environmental activist was sentenced this month to two years in prison on murky charges of "tax evasion."