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Storms, tornadoes and wildfires ravage U.S. Midwest

By Reuters
07 March 2017   |   4:32 pm
A line of thunderstorms packing hail and isolated tornadoes rumbled across the Midwest from Oklahoma to Minnesota on Monday as wind-fueled prairie fires forced thousands of people from their homes in Colorado and Kansas.


16 Aug 2017
An Oklahoma man is facing up to 20 years in jail if convicted on charges that he tried to blow up an Oklahoma City bank building with a van he thought was packed with explosives.
23 Aug 2017
A family is trapped on the roof of their home in Overland Park, Kansas, surrounded by severe floods.
14 Sep 2017
Minnesota investigators have wrapped up their probe into Australian woman Justine Damond's shooting death and sent evidence to the local prosecutor while, in Australia, her family says it wants the police officer involved charged.
2 Nov 2017
Local police say multiple people have been shot inside a Walmart store in a Denver suburb.
2 Nov 2017
Multiple people have been shot inside a Walmart store in a Denver suburb, according to local police.
29 Nov 2017
A young woman is celebrating in Minnesota after becoming the first woman with Down Syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant.
1 Jan 2018
A gunman opened fire on sheriff's deputies responding to a disturbance near Denver on Sunday, killing one of the officers before the suspect was fatally shot.
26 Jan 2018
A suspect is in custody for the shooting and killing of a deputy police officer near Denver, Colorado, after responding to a disturbance call.
19 Mar 2018
Oklahoma plans to use nitrogen gas to execute death row prisoners, though the details of the procedure have yet to be finalized.
24 Apr 2018
Oklahoma may see the latest start to tornado season ever. The state has yet to see a single tornado this year.
13 Jun 2018
A racoon scales a high-rise building in St Paul, Minnesota and captivates an entire city!
16 Jul 2018
Police shoot and kill a man after a series of shootouts on the streets of Kansas City that left three officers wounded and hospitalized.