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Korea Tensions Simmer as Winter Olympics Begin

By Bloomberg
10 February 2018   |   7:30 am
Korea Society President Thomas Byrne discusses relations between North and South Korea as the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics begin.


7 Jan 2018
During a news conference at Camp David, President Donald Trump said he was told that North Korea's willingness to hold official talks with South Korea next week was a result of his 'tough stance'.
30 Apr 2018
Once sworn enemies, the nations of North Korea and South Korea have agreed to end their age-long hostilities. The historic moment came after the two leaders, Kim Jong-un (North Korea) and Moon Jae-in (South Korea) held talks and shook hands across the demarcation line separating the two countries.
14 Feb 2019
Will a joint 2032 Olympic bid by North and South Korea happen?
4 Oct 2021
Pyongyang last cut off the hotline in August after joint US-South Korea military drills. The move comes amid a series of weapons tests by the North.