Friday, 3rd February 2023

From sportswashing to greenwashing

By France24
13 December 2022   |   2:45 pm
We take a look at how the papers are juggling World Cup boycotts and excitement as the semi-finals kick off. We also find out about greenwashing in the DR Congo and India, how Google wants to use the tissue samples of US soldiers, and how the press is covering a second execution in Iran.


30 Apr 2022
According to some estimates, the fashion industry emits as much as 3 billion metric tonnes of CO2 annually, contributing more to climate change than the aviation and shipping industries combined. Making matters worse, less than 1 percent of all clothing globally is recycled, creating a vicious cycle of mass consumption and waste. So how can companies and consumers diminish their impact on the planet? Livia Firth, co-founder of a consulting agency specialised in sustainability, joined us for Perspective.
2 Jun 2022
Investigators carried out searches at Deutsche Bank and its subsidiary DWS as part of an investigation into investment fraud.
29 Nov
Many food and beverage companies promise to reduce plastic waste but fail to deliver. We examine the story of ambitious plans, deception and failure — and how to hold companies accountable.
30 Nov
We take a look at how the press is covering the Chinese protests, the upcoming World Cup match between the US and Iran, and the continued dispute over US midterm election results in Arizona.