Wednesday, 28th September 2022

Cheese on a pizza and widest mouth: Guinness World Records new 2023 list

By France24
08 September 2022   |   12:42 pm
We look at reactions from the Chinese press to Vladimir Putin's threats to the West about energy deliveries. The Guardian reports on new scientific research that could bring hope to couples struggling with infertility. And we bring you the weird and wonderful in the Guinness World Records' new 2023 list!


16 Feb 2018
"I am not asking for la bella vita, just a little room and some dignity." The words of homeless pizza chef Moncef in an open letter to Emmanuel Macron published in Libération - one of several papers calling on the government to take action to end homelessness.
28 Mar 2019
Agric minister reveals how Nigerians order pizza from UK through British Airways.
6 Oct 2019
European wine, cheesemakers brace for US tariffs
13 Oct 2019
US tariffs grating on sellers of Italian cheese
2 Apr 2020
Authorised to stay open during the lockdown, pizza trucks, which are popular in the south of France, have become one of the only lunch options for those who continue to work. In Marseille's main square, the food trucks are used to lines of regulars and locals, but with the markets closed and residents ordered to stay home, business isn't what it used to be.
14 Apr 2020
In 2017 Neapolitan-style pizza and the pizzaiolos' craftsmanship received UNESCO World Heritage status. But with Italy in lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, pizza-making in Naples is on hold.
23 Sep 2021
The press is widely covering the UN General Assembly, with discussions on climate change, Covid-19, AUKUS and China. We also discuss a debate over "shameful" medical terms, the benefits of gardens, plus new research that has found that, yes, cheese is good for your heart.
12 Oct 2021
Prince Charles has had his favourite car modified so it now uses a fuel largely derived from cheese and wine.
30 Jan
What makes gruyère unique? The mild, smooth and nutty cheese is a staple in Switzerland and France. Like many beloved cheeses, it’s highly protected. In France and Switzerland, to be able to call their cheese "gruyère", producers have to follow strict production rules. French and Swiss gruyère makers had hoped to extend this exclusive right to the name to the US market. But in a major blow, a federal judge ruled that gruyère is generic and can be produced anywhere. French and Swiss producers have vowed to appeal the decision that sets a precedent in a much larger ongoing battle between the US and Europe over food labelling.
1 Jul
The growing appetite for milk and meat is pushing the planet to the edge. But it doesn't need to be that way since there are many plant-based alternatives that aren't bad for the environment and still taste good.