Saturday, 3rd December 2022

97-year-old Ukrainian tennis player chooses to stay in war zone

By Reuters
08 March 2022   |   8:21 am
Four months after 97-year-old amateur Leonid Stanislavskyi's dreams came true when he played with 21-times Grand Slam champion Rafa Nadal, the Ukrainian is enduring his worst nightmare in Kharkiv as Russian forces bomb the city.


19 Oct 2019
In the latest testimony given to the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, the former US ambassador to Ukraine said he "put pressure" to remove her from her post.
1 Jan 2020
Ukraine and Russia-backed separatists in the country's war-torn east exchanged 200 prisoners, swapping detained fighters for civilians and servicemen held captive in some cases for years in two breakaway regions.
11 Jan 2020
Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump have said Iran likely shot down a Ukrainian airliner, killing all 176 people on board. Tehran has ruled out a missile strike and has invited the US and Boeing to join an investigation.
16 Jan 2020
Mr. Olayinka Bernard Adeleye, whose picture was recently used as a Nigerian who was involved in the the Ukranian flight that was shot down by an Iranian missile on January 7, 2020 killing all 176 passengers and crew members, has denied being one of the victims, saying he is alive and kicking. He said the news of his death has left him and his family with scars which would take a long time to heal.
28 Apr 2020
Controversial Georgian ex-leader Mikheil Saakashvili has been offered a top government post in Ukraine, prompting anger in Tbilisi. Talking to DW, Saakashvili warned a collapse in Ukraine would threaten all of Europe.
13 Sep 2020
11 Apr 2021
Reports of Russian troops massing near the Ukrainian border and in Crimea are "credible," the US said on Monday. It said Moscow needs to explain these "provocations."
30 May 2021
Kyiv officials are under the microscope for potentially spreading misleading claims about Joe Biden, according to a newspaper report. Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn are leading the probe.
13 Jul 2021
Volodymyr Zelenskyy has repeatedly called for Germany to do more to help Ukraine protect itself against Russia. But with Merkel's retirement imminent, grand commitments are looking increasingly unlikely.
24 Aug 2021
The Ukrainian man is accused of trying to steal confidential information related to Russia's weapons programs. If convicted, he could face up to 20 years behind bars
20 Dec 2021
"I need to stress one point that is extremely important, I have never said or written that anyone has sexually assaulted me," the Chinese tennis star said in a foreign press video.
22 Jan
With 100,000 troops amassed on its border with Ukraine, Russia is at a glaring advantage should a conflict arise. But Ukrainians from all walks of life are preparing for the worst, ready to step in at a moment's notice. DW's Mathias Bölinger reports.