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Stark coral warning issued by scientists

By Reuters
25 January 2018   |   2:46 pm
High ocean temperatures are harming tropical corals almost five times more often than in the 1980s, undermining reefs' ability to survive marine heat waves caused by man-made climate change, scientists have revealed.


29 Nov 2016
Ocean levels are rising due to change in temperature of the arctic and monitors of the trend say we should all be concerned. Scientists worry that if the issue of climate change is not quickly addressed, people may lose their homes.
6 May 2017
International group of swimmers cross the invisible border line dividing Mexico and the U.S. in the Pacific Ocean to raise awareness for the plight of immigrants around the world.
23 Oct 2017
Seven yachts race in front of Alicante seafront before heading for Atlantic.
18 Dec 2017
Crew well aware of dangers in strong winds and powerful waves.
15 Jan 2018
Team Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag goes back for a crew member in the water.
6 Mar 2018
Ebuka Alex Ojini-Ntamere, professionally known as Alpha, is a Nigerian rapper, record producer and audio engineer.
6 Jun 2018
The all-star female cast of 'Ocean's 8' celebrate the film's release - and each other - in New York.
1 Sep 2019
Six EU countries have said they will accept more than 300 migrants from a rescue ship stranded in the Mediterranean. The Maltese prime minister said none would stay in Malta, where they will disembark.
7 Nov 2019
France's Reunion Island: A digital gateway in the Indian Ocean
26 Dec 2019
In the remote South Atlantic Ocean, scientists, divers and activists brave dangerous conditions in search of an underwater mountain. The unique marine life here is rumoured to be flourishing after an extensive ban on fishing. This Greenpeace research mission is part of its year long pole-to-pole expedition to lobby the UN for an international legally-binding treaty to preserve the oceans. AFP journalists joined the NGO to see the revival of Mount Vema and get to know the men and women who sacrifice life on land for ocean conservation.
21 Feb 2020
In one day, sea rescue vessel Ocean Viking received distress calls to come to the aid of two boats carrying displaced people across the Mediterranean. DW reporter Miodrag Soric witnessed the rescue operations firsthand.
7 Jul 2020
After multiple suicide attempts over the past few days, migrants aboard the private rescue ship Ocean Viking will be moved to a quarantine vessel in Sicily.