Sunday, 29th January 2023

Rural Germany gears up for faster fiber network rollout

Rural Germany, fiber network, rollout


1 Nov 2017
As talks to form a new government continue in Germany, local politicians are drawing attention to the plight of declining villages in rural areas.
8 Jul 2019
Germany is seeing a transportation revolution, as electric scooters win over new riders with their speed and ease. But a spike in accidents involving the new vehicles has sparked concern among police and medical experts.
5 Dec 2020
As hopes for an early arrival of a potential vaccine for COVID-19 rise, experts caution that logistical problems could threaten the Indian government's efforts to swiftly carry out a mass vaccination drive.
19 Dec 2020
The biggest vaccination program in US history is now underway. Canada and the United Arab Emirates also have also begun vaccinating residents. Follow DW for the latest.
2 Jan 2021
French health workers aged 50 and up will be vaccinated ahead of schedule after officials faced criticism from the public. Meanwhile, the UK is readying its Nightingale field hospitals. Follow DW for the latest.
10 Jan 2021
If 2020 was the year of the pandemic, may 2021 be the year we won the race to save lives. Every vulnerable person inoculated against the coronavirus is a small victory en route to the day when herd immunity will get the better of Covid-19. So why are the French so slow out of the starting blocks? As of the weekend, less than 500 jabs had been administered here, while Germany was up to 250,000 and the UK nearly a million. We ask about the French government's rethink of its cautious strategy.
10 Feb 2021
South Africa plans to kickstart its Covid-19 vaccination campaign with Johnson & Johnson jabs after withholding a batch of AstraZeneca doses following doubts over the shot's efficacy. The country worst-hit by the pandemic in Africa had suspended its vaccine rollout - meant to begin with Oxford/AstraZeneca - after scientists found the shot failed to prevent mild and moderate illness caused by a local virus variant known as 501Y.V2.
4 Apr 2021
The World Health Organization has warned that Europe's COVID surge is "more worrying than it has been in months. It also said the European Union's vaccine rollout had been "unacceptably slow."
10 Apr 2021
After facing hiccups in its COVID vaccination rollout, the European Union has been going all out to ramp up vaccine production to meet its inoculation target. But creating new capacity isn't an easy task.
14 Apr 2021
One month after the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine in Nigeria, the Federal Government moves to halt vaccination halfway across states for more vaccines to arrive.
8 May 2021
With Japan marking the unwelcome milestone of 10,000 coronavirus deaths on Monday, there are growing indications that the public is becoming impatient at the government's slow rollout of the vaccine.
6 May 2021
Many Sudanese are cutting down on groceries for Ramadan feasts this year as acute inflation blunts the impact of a donor-funded scheme to pay most citizens a basic monthly income.