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Pooping for Science

By Bloomberg
27 October 2017   |   11:03 am
The bacteria that lives in the intestinal tract can affect digestion, weight gain, mood and how the body absorbs medicine.


3 Jan 2017
Bacteria found in remote Siberian caves could lead to fresh sources of antibiotics needed in the fight against drug-resistant superbugs
13 Dec 2018
Macron, May and 'zombie' bacteria
31 Mar 2019
A new kind of glass can eradicate the deadliest hospital infections within hours using a technique similar to medieval stained glass-making.
28 Aug 2019
Prehistoric puma poop discovered in Argentina reveals world's oldest parasite bacteria
22 Sep 2020
Upwards of 300 elephants died in the Southern African country this year, baffling and alarming conservationists. After months of research, government officials say they have identified the cause.
6 Nov 2021
The German capital's BER airport was almost nine years behind schedule and way over budget when it finally opened for business a year ago. Now, the scandal-hit site has a new problem: dirty water.