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Health apps to be available on prescription in Germany

08 November 2019   |   12:08 pm
Patients in Germany will be prescribed health apps starting in 2020, the German parliament announced on Thursday. Health insurance firms in Germany will provide digital health services on personal electronic devices.


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26 Dec 2016
31 Jul 2017
PCN seals 397 pharmacies, patient medicine stores.
13 Sep 2017
Officials urge Floridians to "be patient".
7 Nov 2017
Medical experts in Nigeria have raised concerns over the impact and coverage of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), according to the experts; the scheme has covered less than two percent of Nigerians.
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Delta government sets up health insurance scheme for civil servants.
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It costs about N50k to treat one HIV patient per year - NACA.
31 Aug 2018
Modicare hopes to provide medical insurance to about 500 million people across India. Critics of the scheme argue that Modicare is too big to succeed - it won't work because of its scale.
5 Mar 2019
Doctors have used a bone marrow transplant method to rid an HIV-positive patient of the virus that causes the deadly AIDS disease. While hailing the results, they cautioned that it is too early to say he has been cured.
6 May 2019
Over 120,000 registered runners and wheelchair participants at more than 323 locations across 72 countries covered 1,103,276 km globally on May 5 during the sixth annual Wings for Life World Run, a charity event to raise funds for spinal cord injury research.
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Second Ebola patient dies in Uganda, the death toll rises in DRC.
27 Oct 2019
In an exclusive interview with CNBC Africa at the Future of Health Summit in Abuja, Nigeria's Minister of Health Dr Osagie Ehanire disclosed that a bill to make health insurance mandatory in Nigeria is currently awaiting assent. CNBC Africa's Chris Bishop started by asking him about increasing Nigeria's budgetary allocation for healthcare.