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First baby born via uterus transplanted from dead donor

05 December 2018   |   11:23 am
Eleven babies have been born through uterine transplants of live donors, but no births had ocurred from a uterus of a deceased donor. The mother became pregnant seven months after the transplant surgery.


25 Oct 2019
Frank Lampard described Chelsea's Champions League victory over Ajax as 'huge' for his inexperienced team.
30 Dec 2019
A court has found Chinese scientist He Jiankui guilty of illegal medical practice. He had claimed credit for genetically engineering twins resistant to HIV in a controversial procedure.
31 Dec 2019
China sentences the doctor who claims to be behind the world's first gene-edited babies to three years in prison for illegal medical practice, state media report.
1 Aug 2020
Seven out of eight babies are delivered stillborn in a single night at a Zimbabwean hospital. Maternity staff say that things have become increasingly dire in the country as healthcare is impacted by an ongoing nurses' strike. Also, the UN refugee agency urges African nations to protect migrants travelling within their borders, as a new UN report warns that migrants face violence by African officials. And as Muslims around the world prepare to celebrate Eid-al-Adha, festivities in Morocco are muted in light of extra coronavirus precautions.
11 Jan 2021
Emergency services and staff were unable to reach the babies in time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the tragedy "heart-wrenching."
30 Jan 2021
A zoo in Lima announces the birth in captivity of two American crocodiles, an endangered species, after a successful artificial incubation period that is recorded for the first time in Peru and Latin America.
2 Mar 2021
The amount pledged ended up being less than half what was targeted. With humanitarian groups hoping to avoid a devastating famine, UN Secretary-General Guterres warned: "Cutting aid is a death sentence."
9 May 2021
Around 10% of women have lost a baby, with the risk being a lot higher for Black women. A new set of reports aims to raise the profile of miscarriage. DW spoke to co-author Siobhan Quenby.
7 May 2021
A mother of extremely rare nonuplets is in good health and her nine babies are stable, her doctor in Morocco has said.
20 May 2021
The Nigerian senate request fresh loan from President Muhammadu Buhari for the approval of N2.3 trillion as external Loan.
7 Aug 2021
Rumors that the bodies of 600 children have been found in Germany's flood disaster areas are rife on social media and other online platforms. DW looked into the story to find the origin of the false reports.
8 Sep 2021
Michael Fawcett has stepped aside to allow a probe into allegations that he offered to help secure a knighthood and British citizenship for a wealthy Saudi businessman.