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Elon Musk faces legal challenge over another tweet

By France24
26 February 2019   |   12:30 pm
Elon Musk faces legal challenge over another tweet.


26 Feb 2019
Elon Musk faces legal challenge over another tweet.
1 Mar 2019
Elon Musk launches $35,000 Tesla model 3.
16 Mar 2019
In June of 2018, a Business Insider article detailed how inefficiency at Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada cost the company around $150 million. That information came from a whistleblower that the electric-car maker believed to be Martin Tripp, a former employee.
19 Mar 2019
How Tesla CEO Elon Musk tried to destroy a whistleblower.
2 May 2019
Tesla boss Elon Musk will now have to have some of his tweets approved by a company expert. The US Securities and Exchange Commission took him to court over a tweet it said violated an agreement on misleading claims.
17 Jul 2019
Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk speaks about Neuralink, a company he founded in 2017 to develop a data transmission system between people and computers. “This is going to sound pretty weird, but ultimately, we will achieve symbiosis with artificial intelligence,” Musk said at a news conference Tuesday night in San Francisco.
18 Jul 2019
Neuralink CEO Elon Musk says his company is working to connect the human brain with a machine interface before the end of the year. He claims the micro processor chips will allow humans to connect with artificial intelligence.
26 Nov 2019
In a recent interview on the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ podcast, Musk spoke about the future plans for his neural- technology company, Neuralink.
4 Dec 2019
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has faced court over accusations that he defamed a rescue diver when he called him "pedo guy." The plaintiff can win the case if he proves that Musk's tweeting was "negligent."
8 Jan 2020
Tesla CEO Elon Musk presented the first batch of made-in-China cars to ordinary buyers on Tuesday in a milestone for the company's new Shanghai "giga-factory", but which comes as sales decelerate in the world's largest electric-vehicle market.
2 Apr 2020
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4 Apr 2020
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