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Electric cars: The ride of the future?

By France 24
18 March 2017   |   10:30 am
The future is racing towards electric cars. They’re getting greener, faster and more accessible by the day. Yet their impact on the environment is real.


28 Jul 2017
The rising popularity and falling costs of producing electric cars may halt the high demand for oil from as early as 2020. This is the futuristic forecast by Stanford University economist, Tony Seba.
14 Feb 2018
Eindhoven University of Technology researchers say their prototype device can provide WiFi speeds hundreds of times faster than current commercial systems, using infrared rays of light.
21 Oct 2017
FG releases national statistics, pledges faster update on education development.
19 Dec 2018
Jason Droege, vice president of Uber Everything, discusses the growth of Uber Eats and the company's top priorities for 2019.
18 Mar 2019
From using the sun to power taxis to making boats out of plastic bottles, Eco Africa has featured lots of innovative ideas to make transport greener. Here are our top five.
14 Apr 2019
Bloomberg Businessweek compares a combustion engine to an engine for an electric car.
22 Sep 2019
The German government is coming up with a series of measures to get the country's climate policies back on track. Bloomberg's Matt Miller reports.
23 Sep 2019
Amazon pledges faster action on carbon footprint
27 Oct 2019
Despite many obstacles, electric vehicles are being relied upon to help halt climate change. DW asks three auto industry experts how we'll know that the electromobility era has arrived.
16 Nov 2019
The German government and car industry have agreed to increase joint subsidies for electric car buyers and extend the program to 2025. The news came as VW began production of its new all-electric vehicle.
18 Nov 2019
The German car giant said it will invest even more money than previously planned into expanding its electric fleet. Over the next decade, VW plans to roll out 75 completely electric models and 60 hybrid vehicles.
29 Aug 2020
Cremation or burial? In France, there are only two legal ways to be put to rest, both with a hefty environmental footprint. What if there was a greener way to leave this planet? This week Down to Earth explores eco-friendly cemeteries and the possibility of human composting.