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Blind Street Fighter V champion takes on Twitch audience

01 September 2021   |   11:52 am
With a joystick in one hand, a Braille device under the other and a mask over his eyes, BlindWarriorSven efficiently disposes of yet another opponent. Sven van de Wege was only six when he was struck by cancer. He lost his sight, but was determined not to let his disability get in the way of his childhood passion for video games.


23 Feb 2017
More than 2,000 people attend the funeral of Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind sheikh linked to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing who died in a US jail, in his hometown of El-Gamaleya, in Dakhalia province, northeast of Cairo.
27 Mar 2017
The Netherlands trained for the first time since the sacking of coach Danny Blind.
8 Jun 2017
A small community of blind students in Malaysia is attempting to learn the entire Quran, a task that requires them to read each sheet of the holy text up to 40 times and memorise close to two pages a day.
23 Dec 2017
As a photographer, Silja Korn has overcome what most would consider an impossible disadvantage: she is blind. Silja works as a pre-school teacher in Berlin.
13 Dec 2018
Carmen Lopez has been training hard to become Spain’s first blind female athlete to enter the World Adaptive Surfing Championship in La Jolla, California, on Wednesday.
20 Dec 2018
The other Donald Trump: A blind amphibian.
27 Apr 2019
A blind Japanese sailor completed his non-stop Pacific voyage, becoming the first sightless person on record to navigate a vessel across the vast ocean.
23 Aug 2019
On a sweltering day in eastern China a squad of footballers wearing blindfolds hurtles after a ringing ball, occasionally clattering painfully into each other. But Jiangsu province's blind football team hardly care -- even when they break the odd bone -- because the sport is a rewarding break from the massage parlour.
19 Nov 2019
Yahaya Usman, known by his stage name “Yahaya Mahako” (Mahako means blind in Hausa), went from being a beggar to a famous singer in northern Nigeria. After losing his sight to measles when he was 3, he was sent away from his village and was told street begging was his only means to survive. He discovered his talent for singing on the street but faced years of discrimination, until he met a wealthy man who helped him achieve his dream.
27 Dec 2019
Nineteen-year-old Ryusei Ouchi uses a cane to ride the rails and drop off large ramps. With a cane to feel out the edge of a three-metre-high ramp, Ryusei Ouchi takes a deep breath, shuffles to the edge and drops in.
3 Apr 2021
An expert commission set up to assess whether France was partly responsible for the Rwandan genocide says France could have done more to stop the killings, but rejected claims the country had been complicit.
3 Apr 2021
France bears some "overwhelming responsibility" for the Rwandan genocide, according to a report submitted to Emmanuel Macron by a commission of historians. We speak to Jessica Mwiza Gérondal of the NGO Ibuka France. Also, Eritrea is set to withdraw its troops from Ethiopia. The news comes just days after Ethiopia admitted that Eritrean forces had entered Ethiopia's northern Tigray region. Finally, extreme exercise can help raise money and awareness for wildlife conservation. We speak to Bruce Lawson, who broke a world record as part of his initiative #BurpeesForConservation.