Friday, 9th December 2022

WHO: Anti-vaccination campaigns threaten global health

The World Health Organization has warned that anti-vaccine propaganda is causing an alarming resurgence in preventable diseases. SPD politician Karl Lauterbach has called for mandatory vaccination in Germany.


25 Dec 2016
Researchers in Ghana are mapping human genes to help treat diseases affecting African people. Doctors from 13 African countries are involved in the study.
24 Jun 2017
ANPA convention focuses on controlling cardiovascular diseases in Nigeria.
22 Sep 2017
The Federal Government is tracking four major diseases outbreaks in Nigeria, Health Minister, Isaac Adewole, has disclosed.
19 Feb 2018
The World Health Organisation (WHO), has released the list of deadly pathogens that have the potential to cause public health emergency.
6 Mar 2018
FG signs $178M deal with W.H.O to fight diseases.
5 May 2019
Nigeria moves to end vaccine-preventable diseases.
30 Apr 2020
The world's forests act as shields, keeping humans safe from coronaviruses and other diseases. Their destruction can unleash devastating consequences for global public health.
21 Jan 2021
President Joe Biden has signed an executive order reversing his predecessor’s decision to leave the World Health Organization in the midst of a global coronavirus pandemic.
27 Dec 2021
Philippine authorities now say at least 388 people have been killed by Typhoon Rai, which hit the country nearly two weeks ago. Disease outbreaks are adding to the woes of local residents.