Sunday, 29th January 2023

‘We are going to have to make decisions to invest today’, says Arancha González Laya

By France24
09 July 2022   |   1:22 pm
Across Europe, people are being hit by increased food, fuel and electricity bills. Even before the war in Ukraine started, the price of energy was rising. European leaders insist they will not waver in their support to Ukraine.


19 Jun 2018
As the first half of 2018 winds down, Niyi Adewumi, Managing Director, CEO of NAJ Pacific Investments joins CNBC Africa to discuss some of the best sectors to invest in the second half of the year.
19 Aug 2018
Oliver Pursche, chief market strategist at Bruderman Asset Management, talks about Chinese and U.S. technology stocks and exchange-trade funds.
28 Aug 2018
Toyota will invest about $500 million to work jointly on driverless-vehicle development, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing unidentified people familiar.
4 Sep 2018
The 1st ever gaming platform that allows investors and entrepreneurs to directly bank and invest on the ingenuity, talent and ideas of Africa’s Youth through block-chain technology has being unveiled.
13 Nov 2018
Thanos Papasavvas, founder and chief investment officer at ABP Invest, explains why he is positive on China's economy and sees the nation eventually winning the trade war with the United States.
30 Nov 2018
Here are a few investment tips from experts if you've got a cool million lying around.
5 Dec 2018
The UK’s development finance institution, CDC Group, has announced a $25 million-dollar commitment to a local fund backing small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria.
15 Dec 2018
Apple Inc. said it would invest $1 billion to expand its operations in Austin by constructing a new employee campus in the area.
15 Dec 2018
Whether it's a year-end bonus, an inheritance, or some extra cash lying around, you've just gotten windfall. Now what should you do with it? In this episode of Good Money, we figure out how to put that extra scratch to work. Good Money is a series about making sense of your finances.
4 Jan 2019
Cathie Wood, Ark Invest chief executive officer and chief investment officer, discusses Apple Inc. lowered sales forecast with Bloomberg's Shery Ahn on "Bloomberg Markets."
15 Jan 2019
VW is to build a new electric vehicle at its plant in the US city of Chattanooga, expecting to sell a million of them by 2025. The German giant is also moving closer to announcing its partnership with Ford.
6 Mar 2019
Guy Diedrich, vice president and global innovation officer at Cisco Systems, talks about the company's strategy for Australia. As part of its Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) global program, Cisco says it plans to invest $61 million over the next three years to help drive the country's secure digital transformation.