Thursday, 1st June 2023

US Supreme Court temporarily blocks curbs on abortion pill

US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito temporarily halted a lower court ruling that imposed restrictions on the pill. Abortion rights advocates welcomed the move.


6 Jun 2018
We look at reactions to the US Supreme Court ruling in favour of a baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake.
12 Sep 2019
The top court's decision means the Trump administration can implement stricter asylum rules along the US-Mexican border while the policy is challenged in lower courts. The policy primarily impacts Central Americans.
28 Jan 2020
The US Supreme Court has allowed hardline immigration policies introduced by US President Donald Trump to take effect. Permanent residency, or "green cards," can now be denied to applicants who rely on public programs.
8 Mar 2020
A law in the state of Louisiana seeks to make abortion less accessible. A US Supreme Court ruling could have consquences for the future of Roe v Wade.
20 Sep 2020
US Supreme Court Justice and liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, opening a crucial vacancy on the high court expected to set off a pitched political battle at the peak of the presidential campaign.
27 Sep 2020
US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts praises the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at a private ceremony inside the Supreme Court.
21 Oct 2020
Donald Trump's asylum policy, which took effect last year, have kept tens of thousands of asylum seekers outside of the US. The Supreme Court agreed to take up two key Mexico-related cases after the November election.
15 Jan 2021
The US Supreme Court said that abortion pills must be obtained in-person, even during the pandemic, lifting a suspension of the rule by a lower court. Similar rules for other drugs, including opioids, have been waived.
18 May 2021
The US Supreme Court will hear a case that could undermine the national legalization of abortion. Christian conservatives hope the new make-up of the court will gut previous bans on anti-abortion laws.
25 Jul 2021
The southern US state wants the Supreme Court to reverse the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling — which legalized abortion nationwide — and let states regulate abortion.
30 Aug 2021
A temporary ban on evictions had protected millions of renters in the US. But the court said health authorities did not have the power to impose such a moratorium.
2 Sep 2021
The Texas law makes the state's abortion rules the strictest in the US. Abortion campaigners failed in a court challenge to block the law. Texas dodged existing US abortion laws by using an unusual enforcement system.