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U.S economy has potential to slow to 1.5%, says Furman

By Bloomberg
25 August 2018   |   6:00 am
Harvard Kennedy School Professor Jason Furman examines the state of the U.S. economy and the issues that can slow growth.


6 Feb 2017
Harvard Kennedy School Professor Joseph Nye discusses the executive and judicial branches of U.S. government under President Donald Trump, the prospect of a trade war with China, and Trump's comments on the behaviour of the United States.
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Harvard dropout and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, speaks to the Harvard graduating class Thursday about creating a 'renewed sense of purpose'.
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Chris Ailman, chief investment officer at California State Teachers' Retirement System, and Bloomberg's Jason Kelly discuss the strategy and performance of Harvard's endowments.
16 Jun 2018
Harvard University’s own researchers found statistical evidence that its undergraduate application process discriminated against Asian-American applicants, yet its admissions officials ignored the results and took no action, a group suing for bias claimed.
28 Jul 2018
Harvard University assailed a group claiming the school intentionally discriminates against Asian-American applicants, saying in a court filing that the organization offered a “misleading narrative” based on “cherry-picked” documents.
29 Jul 2018
Simona Mocuta, senior economist at State Street Global Advisors, and Lisa Hornby, fixed income portfolio manager at Schroders, examine U.S. second-quarter economic growth.
5 Aug 2018
Lewis Alexander, Nomura's chief U.S. economist, discusses the potential negative effects of a U.S.-China trade war.
25 Aug 2018
Harvard Kennedy School Professor Jason Furman examines the state of the U.S. economy and the issues that can slow growth.
8 Sep 2018
American wages unexpectedly climbed in August by the most since the recession ended in 2009 and hiring rose by more than forecast, keeping the Federal Reserve on track to lift interest rates this month and making another hike in December more likely.
25 May 2019
Constance Hunter, KPMG chief economist, and Mark Howard, BNP Paribas senior multi-asset specialist, discuss the latest report on U.S. consumer prices.
9 Jun 2019
Michael Gapen, chief U.S. economist at Barclays, examines the U.S. May jobs report.
24 Aug 2019
Libby Cantrill, head of public policy at Pimco, discusses a new Congressional Budget Office forecast that says the U.S. budget deficit is set to widen to $1 trillion by fiscal year 2020. She speaks with Bloomberg's Sheri Ahn on "Balance of Power."