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Two dead in gas explosion at private school in Minnesota

By Reuters
03 August 2017   |   2:00 pm
Two people are dead and at least nine injured after a gas explosion occurs at a private school in Minneapolis.


3 Aug 2017
Two people are dead and at least nine injured after a gas explosion occurs at a private school in Minneapolis.
8 Oct 2017
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Ghana gas explosion - 7 people killed, 35 others injured in Accra.
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15 Jul 2018
A small crowd gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota to mark the one-year anniversary of the death of Australian Justine Damond and to dedicate a bench in her honor.
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Thousands of supporters in Minnesota cheered on U.S. President Donald Trump as he took aim at Democrats and political rival Joe Biden, calling his son Hunter Biden a "loser". It's the first rally Trump has held since Democrats opened an impeachment inquiry in September.
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In this interview, TVC News Correspondent, Miyen Akiri, gives updates on Sunday's explosion in Abule Ado.
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We look at doubts around the efficiency of hydroxychloroquine in treating coronavirus, which is the focus of French daily Libération. Also, a development in a longstanding extradition case between Israel and Australia involving a woman accused of 74 counts of child sex abuse while headmistress at a religious school in Melbourne. There's lots of focus on race in the New York Daily News after a viral video of a white woman calling the police on a black man in Central Park on Monday. Finally, Twitter has moved to fact-check the US president.
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The officer has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter following the death of unarmed black man George Floyd while in custody. The move follows three days of protests that have escalated into violence.
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Councilors in the US city of Minneapolis pledged late Sunday to dismantle and rebuild the police department, after the death in custody of George Floyd sparked nationwide protests about racism in law enforcement, pushing the issue onto the national political agenda.
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Gas explosion: Business owners count losses, seeks government's intervention
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Hundreds of peaceful protesters march through the streets of Minneapolis to protest President Donald Trump’s attempt to suppress ballot counting and tamper with the US election.