Thursday, 23rd March 2023

Tikrit: 20 years since the US invasion, what has become of Saddam Hussein’s birthplace?

By France24
25 February 2023   |   12:40 pm
It has been 20 years since the United States and its allies invaded Iraq in their “war on terror” amid claims that the country’s dictator, Saddam Hussein, possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction.


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In the spring of 2003, Saddam Hussein's regime was toppled. Iraq then had to rebuild itself, with the presence of US forces who had put an end to the dictatorship. But after the departure of US troops in 2010-11, the Iraqi state never succeeded in asserting its authority, leaving the country open to becoming a zone of ​​competing influence between the US and neighbouring Iran. We take a look back at nearly 20 years of Iraqi history: a state under twin American and Iranian domination.
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