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The pressure to speed up clean energy transition

By France24
05 October 2019   |   2:50 pm
How to cool it? The pressure to speed up a clean energy transition


25 Aug 2019
Young Sudanese celebrate in Khartoum and react after generals and opposition leaders signed the documents that will govern Sudan's three-year transition to civilian rule.
24 Aug 2019
Sudan transition: Economist Abdalla Hamdok sworn in as Sudan's new prime minister
5 Oct 2019
How to cool it? The pressure to speed up a clean energy transition
14 Feb 2020
Emeka Ugwueze is cutting an metal sheet to create a base for his latest invention at his workshop in Awka, a town in Nigeria's bustling southeastern state of Anambra.
23 Jul 2020
What's been agreed for the EU's seven-year budget? On the outside, it may look good for green policies, but many climate activists aren't pleased because the budget has actually slashed funding for climate action. There are shrinking budgets elsewhere too, in both healthcare and research programmes – leading some to say that Europe will lose its competitive edge when it comes to innovation. We take a closer look.
19 Aug 2020
The soldiers behind a military coup in Mali have vowed to hold fresh elections following an international outcry over their armed takeover. The mutineers detained the president at gunpoint, forcing him to resign.
22 Aug 2020
In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Mali's military junta says a transitional president will be put in place from either civil society or the military. And West Africa's regional bloc ECOWAS announces it will send a delegation to Mali in an effort to reverse a military coup that unseated President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.
16 Sep 2020
The Tuesday deadline for Mali's military junta to hand over power has come and gone. ECOWAS is instead saying it hopes to see a civilian government lead the country "in days not weeks". In Algeria, a court has sentenced journalist Khaled Drareni to two years behind bars on appeal. Rights groups have denounced the trial as a violation of press freedom. And in Tunisia, where most farmers are in their fifties, entrepreneurs are using technology to transform this labour-intensive sector.
17 Nov 2020
Donald Trump's refusal to concede defeat has made it difficult for President-elect Joe Biden's team to coordinate on critical issues, including coming up with a distribution plan for COVID-19 vaccines.
24 Nov 2020
The head of the General Services Administration said she was never pressured into delaying her approval for the transition. Biden's team said the US agency dubbed Biden and Harris "the apparent winners" of the vote.
11 Dec 2020
Long queues of lorries snake into the port of Dover on England's south coast for another day with high volumes of freight traffic and disruption at other cargo ports, put down to Brexit stockpiling, pre-Christmas build-up and transport of medical supplies for Covid-19 care.
18 Dec 2020
"We’ve got down to the crunch now and we still don’t know": a British beef and arable farmer in south England says the uncertainty caused by the drawn-out Brexit saga is making it difficult to plan ahead, with Britain preparing to crash out of the European Union's single market and customs union when the post-Brexit transition period ends on December 31.