Tuesday, 29th November 2022
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‘The monster can come again’: Revisiting the horrors of Raqqa under IS group

By France24
09 November 2022   |   3:23 pm
In 2014 the peaceful city of Raqqa in northern Syria was proclaimed the capital of the Islamic State group's so-called caliphate. For nearly four years, residents there lived under a reign of terror. A new book out in French brings their stories to the world.


10 Oct
Germany's Olaf Scholz and a contingent of top ministers are in Spain for talks on the spiraling energy crisis in Europe. The two sides hope to breathe new life into a pipeline project, despite opposition from France.
9 Oct
When someone can offer over $40 billion for Twitter, bridges are nearly dismantled to move megayachts and the rich keep getting richer, a group of philosophers says something is wrong. A look at economic limitarianism.
14 Oct
Habeck: 'The naivety towards China is over'
13 Oct
Moscow has repeatedly made threats that the war in Ukraine could escalate to a nuclear conflict. But is the Russian president really prepared to deploy nuclear weapons?
15 Oct
In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24 following Russia’s recent missile attacks on Ukraine, Lithuania’s Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte said the reason civilians are being targeted is because Russia is “losing on the battleground”, and want to “create panic and exert pressure on Ukrainian society - and us”.
23 Oct
The 'Stronger' hitmaker has seen a range of brands distance themselves from him after he made anti-Semitic remarks on Twitter, with Adidas confirming their Yeezy deal with him is under review and JP Morgan Chase asking him to find a new bank to hold his company.
16 Oct
Fast internet in underserved regions sounds promising. But how does Starlink work? And why is Elon Musk's SpaceX satellite internet so controversial?
30 Oct
The fire at Tehran's Evin prison over the weekend killed eight people, authorities said. Details over the blaze were scarce as officials sought to distance the incident from nationwide protests.
17 Oct
King Charles is selling 12 of Queen Elizabeth's racehorses later this month.
26 Oct
Mandi, a traditional Yemeni meat meal cooked in an underground oven, is getting more popularity among gourmets in Yemen and abroad where many restaurants offer the Arabian delight.
20 Oct
Besides soldiers hurling rockets and bombs, hacker groups backing Ukraine and Russia are also fighting each other. They are trying to disrupt or paralyze critical infrastructure. Yet as in most wars, civilians suffer the most.
23 Oct
According to the latest report from the World Wildlife Fund, global wildlife populations have declined by a whopping 69 percent over the past 50 years. It's an urgent reminder of what's at stake as world leaders prepare to meet in early December for their biggest biodiversity conference in a decade, with the goal of agreeing to a new framework to protect the world's plants and animals.