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Syrian forces bombard areas close to Damascus

By Reuters
07 October 2017   |   10:00 am
Syrian forces bombard areas close to Damascus.


30 Dec 2016
At least 40 people, including several children, are killed in air strikes targeting rebel-held territory in the suburbs of the Syrian capital, Damascus, including a strike that hit a school.
6 Jan 2017
The UN is warning that the sabotage of water supplies near the Syrian capital amounts to a war crime. The main water source for Damascus has been cut off as fighting rages on in Wadi Barada.
13 Jan 2017
A powerful blast caused by a suicide bomber hit a heavily policed district of Damascus, killing at least seven people.
14 May 2017
The Syrian army say they are on the verge of retaking the rebel-geld area of Qaboun on the outskirts of Damascus after a two month battle.
16 May 2017
According to state media, more than 2,000 rebels and their family members have been evacuated from the district of Qaboun on the edge of Damascus.
21 May 2017
Syrian rebels from Damascus arrive in Idlib
4 Jul 2017
Air strikes appear to target Damascus suburbs - social media websites.
23 Jul 2017
Air strikes hit Damascus suburb of Ain Tarma - monitor.
23 Jul 2017
Syrian warplanes strike near Damascus despite ceasefire - Syrian Observatory.
5 Sep 2017
Syrian forces break 3-year IS siege in Deir al-Zor.
7 Oct 2017
Syrian forces bombard areas close to Damascus.
31 Oct 2017
Convoy rolls into Damascus suburbs with aid for 40,000 - UN