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Stronger than steel: Synthetic spider silk is real

By Bloomberg
08 September 2019   |   4:25 pm
There's a reason Spider-Man is a superhero; the creatures that served as inspiration produce a super material. The silk they make is unique in how strong and stretchy it is and has intrigued scientists for years. Replicating it could have huge implications for the products we will use in the future.


17 Oct 2019
Documentary filmmaker, Joel Kachi Benson explains the process behind the award-winning Virtual Reality documentary, Daughters of Chibok. The moving and immersive documentary introduces viewers to the reality of one of the mothers of the kidnapped Chibok girls. Benson talks about the technicalities involves in shooting a VR film and how he has to trust his subjects in the documentary to interpret his directions.
17 Nov 2019
Two young secondary school leavers have invented an electricity inverter, the triple phone charging outlets and luminous light.
22 Nov 2019
Senior Economist, SPM Professional Paul Alaje speaks on effect of border closure as it affects food production.
27 Nov 2019
Real Madrid and Paris St Germain draw 2-2, giving PSG top slot in Group A of the Champions League.
28 Jan 2020
Ever more pesticides, many illegal, are being used in Turkey, according to a new Greenpeace study. Yet the tainted produce keeps ending up on European dinner tables, setting off alarm bells about serious health risks.
8 Feb 2020
Rungis, located south of Paris, is the largest fresh produce market in the world, serving 18 million French consumers every day. Some 10,000 tons of food pass through it each night and 40,000 people work across the site. It's a city within a city, with separate neighbourhoods dedicated to each type of food - from fish to meat. FRANCE24 takes you behind the scenes to meet some of the wholesalers.
20 Feb 2020
Nigerian Police force yet to produce female IGP - Senator James Manager
18 Mar 2020
Wadume: Court orders Nigerian Army to produce indicted officers for arraignment
19 Apr 2020
Group of young men produce ventilator in Gombe state
14 Jun 2020
Israeli scientists say they have produced hydrogen from plants in a development that they hope could eventually lead to using vegetation to produce electricity.
15 Aug 2020
Here are a few reasons to pick up a copy of The Guardian on Sunday. Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on Sunday.
8 Dec 2020
The year 2020 will go down in history – although not necessarily for the best reasons! However, back in January, the pandemic wasn’t yet on everyone’s radar, and Paris Fashion Week went ahead as scheduled. People hugged, kissed, and didn’t think twice about hopping on a plane to attend the event. But when France went into lockdown in March, the world of fashion had to reinvent itself, finding new ways to create, consume and communicate.