Monday, 5th December 2022

Russian war censorship denounced on World Press Freedom Day

Russia's ranking on the World Press Freedom Index has fallen again over the Kremlin's wartime censorship of the Ukraine conflict. From Myanmar to Mexico, journalists continue to risk their lives to deliver the news.


8 May 2017
World Press Freedom Day 2017: U.S. govt. tasks Nigerian journalists to shun propaganda.
4 Jul 2017
Some of China's most creative minds fear they're next as China's internet crackdown widens.
10 Nov 2017
Trump tweets from China - we take a look at some different angles on what appears like a non-story... And Emmanuel Macron is on the cover of Time.
5 Feb 2018
Courbet's "Origin of the World" is at the centre of a case where Facebook is being asked to pay €20,000 in damages as well as reinstating a profile shut down some seven years ago when an art historian shared an image of the famous painting.
16 Jan 2020
Journalists in Iran speak out against censorship
9 May 2020
EU officials have backed a decision to accept China's censorship of a letter that ran in a Chinese newspaper. A sentence referencing China as the origin of the coronavirus outbreak was removed before publication.
27 Feb 2021
For the third time in two weeks, Myanmar's junta has shut off the internet to restrict the flow of information for protesters. A new cybersecurity law would permit officials to arrest the military's online critics.
3 May 2021
In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly declared May 3 as the World Press Freedom Day. Thirty years after, World Press Freedom Day 2021, senior editors of The Guardian examine the state of the nation in the face of repression, the safety of the practitioners, and evolving technology.
28 May 2021
Social media companies would be slapped with large fines if they "de-platform" political candidates in the US state. Big tech firms and activists oppose the law.
23 Jul 2021
How has the situation for journalists changed in Tunisia in the decade since the revolution? Has the road to press freedom been entirely smooth? Our guests, including cartoonist Nidhal Ghariani, discuss how hard it would have been to draw or publish his cartoons before the revolution. We also discuss the digitalisation of the media as well as fake news and how to combat it. Join us for a special edition of The Debate in partnership with UNESCO, filmed among the ruins of Carthage, in Tunisia.
14 Aug 2021
A prominent theater in Moscow has been accused of insulting war veterans in a play, raising fears about censorship in the city's culture scene. DW’s Juri Rescheto reports from the Russian capital.
22 Sep 2021
Once renowned for world-class cinema, Hong Kong's film industry was already struggling before the latest hurdle -- Chinese mainland-style censorship as authorities take their purge of dissent into the cultural sphere.