Saturday, 3rd June 2023

Researcher Hugo Micheron: ‘Jihadism cannot just be reduced to attacks’

By France24
28 April 2023   |   5:44 am
Since the fall of the Islamic State group, jihadism has largely receded from the public debate in Europe, but the threat is far from over.


10 Nov 2019
Since 2012, Mali has slowly slid into chaos as Islamic terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda have gained ground. Over the years, the violence has swept from the country’s north. With many young people, mostly Fulani herders, now also struggling with unemployment, they are turning to the jihadist groups and joining their ranks in a bid to escape poverty.
23 Dec 2019
Every evening, French soldiers operating in Africa's Sahel region set up a temporary forward operating base in the middle of enemy territory. It is in these camps, in difficult conditions and under permanent risk of attack, that the troops live their daily lives.