Sunday, 2nd April 2023

Pakistan floods: Authorities scramble to drain largest lake

08 September 2022   |   10:09 am
Three attempts have been made to drain Lake Manchar, but inflows mean the water continues to rise. Hundreds of thousands more people will have to leave their homes if the lake overflows.


2 May 2018
France 24 journalists meet eyewitnesses (Observers) to discuss memorable events they have experienced. The programme brings to the airways the unique journalistic online project ''The Observers''.
30 Nov 2018
At least 30 people are confirmed dead and 60 more feared drowned after an overloaded party cruise boat capsized on Lake Victoria in Uganda. One survivor said the boat's operator had alerted some passengers to a leak.
20 Jan 2019
Tunisia looks for ways to stem 'brain drain'.
25 May 2019
Musambwa, an island on Lake Victoria in Uganda, is inhabited only by men - and snakes. About a thousand deadly cobras inhabit the island - seen by the fishermen who live there as spirits, rather than just snakes.
7 Dec 2019
For decades, water hyacinth has been wreaking havoc on Lake Victoria in Kenya, covering vast swathes of its surface. The plant blocks out light, dramatically reducing the amount of oxygen in the lake and killing off fish. It also makes access to the open lake increasingly difficult for fishermen. But locals are looking at new ways to use the plant and make a profit from it. Our France 2 colleagues Marc de Chalvron and Baptiste Rimbert report, with FRANCE 24's Wassim Cornet.
29 Dec 2019
The final intergalactic instalment in the Skywalker Saga has landed and film critic Lisa Nesselson gives us her take on its enigmatic exchanges, its grammatical anachronisms and, of course, its lightsaber quotient. Also, Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson struggle to maintain a hold on their sanity in "The Lighthouse"; the film sparked a tidal wave of praise at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Next, we check out Chinese noir "The Wild Goose Lake" and its sumptuous vision of a crime underworld where hig
29 Dec 2019
Nothing seems impossible for a trio of Russian ice swimming enthusiasts who put up an artificial fir tree on the bottom of the world's deepest lake to celebrate the country's holiday. The tree was installed near the shore, at the depth of some 3 meters, after the swimmers cut a hole in the thick ice. They said the water temperature of just above 0 degrees Celsius and an icy wind did not deter them.
19 Apr 2020
In this interview, Global Affairs Analyst, Temitope Olodo, shares his views on the review of troops' withdrawal from Lake Chad.
14 Jun 2020
Here is why you should pick up a copy of The Guardian on Monday. Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on the newsstands on Monday.
14 Jul 2020
Ventura County Sheriff's Office releases CCTV footage of "Glee" star Naya Rivera arriving at a California lake dock with her son on Wednesday before disappearing. The US actress is believed to have accidentally drowned in Lake Piru after a search involving divers, patrol boats and helicopters found no trace of her.
25 Aug 2020
Footage of a brush fire in Napa Valley, where the “Hennessey Fire” has been burning for a couple of days.
22 Dec 2020
The Tonle Sap, the largest inland fishing area in the world, is a source of subsistence and survival for more than one million Cambodians living on or around the lake. But water levels have plummeted and fish stocks dwindled because of climate change and dams upstream on the Mekong river.