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North Korean fishing boat collison occured in Japan’s EEZ, says Japanese Fishieries Agency

By Reuters
08 October 2019   |   8:40 am
North Korean fishing boat collison occured in Japan's EEZ, says Japanese Fishieries Agency


16 Dec 2017
Illegal fishing - FG to monitor activities on Nigeria's waterways.
16 Jun 2018
In the western French region of Brittany, Senegalese fishermen board trawlers in the early morning to catch fish for the local markets of Guilvinec and Lorient. They have come to France to work because the fishing sector is in crisis in their home country due to overfishing. Despite immigrating to France, these foreign workers retain strong links with Senegal.
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As French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe begins a four-day visit to China in the south-eastern city of Shenzhen, our team reports from this former fishing village that’s been transformed into a giant metropolis in the space of a few decades.
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The migrants, including two children, were picked up at around 5am just a few kilometers off the French port of Boulogne. Authorities spotted the boat sailing with its lights off, making an unusual trajectory.
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Sierra Leone's April ban on industrial fishing is drawing to an end. But faced with rampant illegal fishing and poor policing, the moratorium will do little to replenish the country's dwindling fishing stocks.
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A boat used for catching lobsters has sunk off the Honduran Caribbean coast, resulting in at least 27 fatalities. So far 55 people have been rescued, the country's armed forces said.
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8 Oct 2019
North Korean fishing boat collison occured in Japan's EEZ, says Japanese Fishieries Agency
30 Nov 2019
The fishing industry is a key issue in the debate over Brexit. But how did an industry that makes up only 0.1% of the UK economy become such a big deal?
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UK fishermen started the year in buoyant mood believing EU quotas would soon be scrapped. But coronavirus has dampened spirits. With Europe — their biggest market — in lockdown, the industry faces oblivion.
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The US decided to deploy the Coast Guard after accusing Beijing of foul play in the South China Sea, in waters that Beijing sees as belonging to China. Tensions between the two nations have been growing in recent months.
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Emergency services are currently searching for at least 16 people missing and feared dead, after a Russian trawler, the Onega, sank in the Arctic circle.