Friday, 3rd February 2023

North Korea warns of ‘arms race’ in France-Australia submarine row

20 September 2021   |   12:20 pm
Pyongyang has said it would take action if a new Indo-Pacific alliance between the US, Australia and the UK had "even the smallest negative effect" on North Korea's security.


14 Mar 2017
NATO anti-submarine exercises have begun in the central Mediterranean sea, bringing together ships, submarines and aircraft from ten nations.
8 Sep 2017
Britain's Royal Navy has released a series of futuristic submarine concepts which mimic real marine life forms and radically change the way underwater warfare could look in 50 years.
1 Dec 2017
Argentina gives up on rescuing 44 crew members on a submarine that disappeared 15 days ago, though it will continue the search for the vessel with international assistance, the Navy says.
20 Feb 2018
The ARA San Juan, a navy submarine, disappeared in November 2017. Searches have revealed no trace of the vessel and crew. Argentina's government has offered a 5 million dollar reward for information. The families of the missing say that's not enough.
27 Apr 2018
Life sentence for Danish submarine entrepreneur who murdered Swedish journalist
4 Jul 2019
Even after extinguishing the fire, the soldiers died from smoke inhalation. Authorities have launched an investigation "to establish the cause of the incident."
14 Jul 2019
Following a deadly fire on a Russian nuclear submarine, Russian authorities laid the bodies of 14 naval officers to rest in St. Petersburg. The Kremlin has stayed tight-lipped over the incident.
15 Dec 2019
A small submarine with four crew members that were captured on Saturday by a Peruvian Navy patrol was transporting more than one ton of cocaine to Mexico, the Peru prosecutor's office said Wednesday.
24 Oct 2020
Danish police managed to recapture Peter Madsen, one the country's most notorious criminals after he fled prison. Madsen had been convicted of killing a Swedish journalist on a mini-submarine he designed himself.
28 Nov 2020
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen kicks off construction of the island's first indigenous submarine at a Kaohsiung shipyard, the latest move by the out-gunned democratic island to bolster its defence capabilities against increasingly bellicose threats from Beijing.
23 Mar 2021
The Colombian Navy has seized a narco submarine transporting several packages of cocaine. The vessel belonging to an armed group of dissident FARC guerillas was discovered in the Pacific Ocean on its way to the coast of Mexico.
1 May 2021
Authorities said they recovered debris that indicated the submarine with 53 crew members sank. The submarine's oxygen reserve was estimated to run out early Saturday.