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North Korea says ready to sink U.S. aircraft carrier

By Reuters
24 Apr 2017   |   4:20 am   |   1m 21s
North Korea said on Sunday it was ready to sink a U.S. aircraft carrier to demonstrate its military might, as two Japanese navy ships joined a U.S. carrier group for exercises in the western Pacific.

  • walker3333

    north korea and propangada…you know one has to create fear into others to be feared,,,,but he fails to acknowledge hes dealing with usa,,,,,,,,,saddam said its mothers of war///gadaffi said fathers of war..may ne kim would say grand parents of war looming we are watchign and waiting

    • yusuf yusuf

      Am very sure this North Korean guys wouldn’t make the silly mistakes sadam and gaddafi did, they have the nuclear facilities and equipment and USA know that that’s why they couldn’t attack them all this while, whatever name they gave the war am sure USA would learn a terrible lessons this time around, cos there’s nothing like propaganda on the side of the Koreans and they crazy people to the extent they wouldn’t mind if the whole world will come to end than USA to be victorious, so sit down and relax and watch/expect a lot of casualties like never before

  • Comfort Destiny

    This fat and short president doesn’t know that the era of President Obama has gone and that the new era of a no-nonsense President Trump has begun. North Korea will be reduced to rubble. I only feel sorry for its penury people because this fat and small president will hide in tunnels to avoid being blown away when the fight begins. Someone needs to advise him before it is too late!

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