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‘Narco-submarine’ captured in Peru with one ton of cocaine

15 December 2019   |   12:47 pm
A small submarine with four crew members that were captured on Saturday by a Peruvian Navy patrol was transporting more than one ton of cocaine to Mexico, the Peru prosecutor's office said Wednesday.


4 hours ago
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7 hours ago
A Gambian man accused of belonging to a death squad appeared in court in Germany on Monday facing charges of crimes against humanity. The suspect is also accused of murder and attempted murder as part of a group that assassinated opponents of dictator Yahya Jammeh.
7 hours ago
Mohammed Yasin Malik told the court that the charges of terrorism against him were "concocted, fabricated and politically motivated."
8 hours ago
A Standout Cocktail : The Nigerian Swift Sour
10 hours ago
“I was quite depressed at times” – Zverev reveals his mental health struggles
10 hours ago
Hyundai is investing in its first EV-only plant in Savannah, Georgia.
10 hours ago
The Philippines' incoming president vowed to prevent any foreign interference in the running of his country in comments aimed at Beijing’s claims over the disputed South China Sea.
13 hours ago
The burning of fossil fuels like coal and gas supercharged the heat wave that has scorched India and Pakistan in recent weeks, two separate attribution studies have found.
13 hours ago
The opposition leader has been behind bars since January 2021 on charges of fraud. The US has described the legal process as a "sham" while human rights groups have decried his treatment in prison.
13 hours ago
Imran Khan may be out as prime minister, but he still has plenty of supporters. They turned out in force on Sunday, and his party has called for more protests. This underscores how shaky political situation remains.
14 hours ago
Italians poured into the streets and squares of Rome in massive numbers on Wednesday as the A.S. Roma soccer team defeated Feyenoord to win the Europa conference league final.
16 hours ago
Olaf Scholz signed deals that will see Germany help African nations build their infrastructure to extract and export oil and gas to Europe. He also promised to keep German troops in the Sahel.