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Mozambicans in Maputo share their thoughts on election day

19 October 2019   |   11:32 am
Residents of Maputo share their hopes as Mozambique votes in an election that could force the ruling party to cede some of its power in this nation weakened by an economic crisis and armed conflict.


17 Nov 2017
Some desperate Libyan families are selling jewellery for scarce banknotes as the dinar rapidly loses value and inflation is estimated to be at 25-30 percent.
12 Jan 2019
A decade on, Spain still haunted by economic crisis
16 Jan 2019
Zimbabweans continue to express their anger at new government austerity measures which aim to boost the country's struggling economy. But a solution may be a long way off.
6 Jul 2019
5 Jul 2019
In Venezuela, even criminals are hit by economic crisis.
14 Jul 2019
No reason was given for Murat Cetinkaya's sacking, but the governor had been loath to cut the interest rate from 24%. Over the past year, Turkey has faced skyrocketing inflation as a result of a debt and currency crisis.
13 Nov 2019
Zimbabwe issues fresh banknotes amid economic crisis
19 Jan 2020
In the upscale Hamra district of Beirut, police fired tear gas at the start of what protesters have billed a "week of wrath". Lebanese demonstrators have taken to the streets to demand an end to a months-long political vacuum.
4 Apr 2020
The spread of the new coronavirus and COVID-19 has had a profound effect on the global economy in a staggeringly short space of time. The longer-term impact depends on how quickly the virus can be tackled.
6 Nov 2020
Cape Verdean women found alternatives to tackle the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For some of them, ornamental plants are no longer a hobby but a profitable trade.
21 Jan 2021
Hours after being sworn into office, US President Joe Biden began to tackle some of the country's most pressing economic concerns. Getting more financial aid for businesses and households approved, addressing inequality and improving trade ties with American allies are top of his economic agenda. We take a closer look.
14 Jul 2021
Pharmacies in Lebanon have gone on an indefinite strike. Drug importers have warned they are running out of hundreds of drugs, as the country's central bank has failed to pay overseas suppliers millions of dollars in dues. This, coupled with fuel shortages and power cuts which can last up to 22 hours a day, has resulted in the situation in Lebanon going from bad to worse. Haddak Men B3id is an organisation on the ground that aims to end food insecurity. We talk to its co-founder Gaelle Matar in Beirut.