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Moldovans rally to support pro-EU president-elect

04 December 2020   |   7:00 am
More than 5,000 people rally in Moldova's capital Chisinau against legislation that would limit the powers of the newly elected pro-European president Maia Sandu.


1 Mar 2018
Moldova's President Igor Dodon wants to deepen Moldova's historic ties to Russia and says he's opposed to EU membership. Our correspondent gets the view from the ground.
21 Mar 2019
France's Paul Pogba admits that it may be difficult for the national side to motivate themselves after World Cup success last year.
31 Jul 2021
A growing cohort of farmers in Moldova are fuelling an ambitious resurgence of lavender oil, whose cultivation had collapsed along with the Soviet Union.
29 Oct 2021
Moldova has declared a state of emergency amid skyrocketing gas prices, after Russia decreased its exports of natural gas. It's not the first time the Kremlin has used its resources for political leverage.