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Meet Zsa Zsa the English bulldog, the world’s ugliest dog

By France 24
26 June 2018   |   4:46 am
Meet this year's winner of the world's ugliest dog competition!


28 Jul 2017
The US Congress "defies" Donald Trump by voting to impose new sanctions on Russia, The New York Times writes.
1 Aug 2017
Man and his dog rescued from car in Colorado flash flood.
21 Sep 2017
North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho calls U.S. President Donald Trump's U.N. address 'the sound of a dog barking.'
23 Sep 2017
For a Mexico still reeling from the lives lost and devastating damage of a 7.1-magnitude earthquake, Frida the Navy rescue dog has become a source of pride and hope as the search for victims continues.
5 Oct 2017
A dog from South Dakota, USA, has been declared the world record holder as having the longest tongue on a dog.
11 Oct 2017
Turkmenistan's leader gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a Turkmen shepherd dog on Wednesday as a belated birthday present.
17 Dec 2017
A dog that lost its front legs in a violent attack has been given a new lease of life with a pair of high tech carbon fibre racing blades, similar to those used by paralympic athletes.
26 Jun 2018
Meet this year's winner of the world's ugliest dog competition!
23 Feb 2019
A car parked at the main train station in Dresden raised the suspicions of local police — and one attentive sniffer dog was right on the scent.
25 Mar 2019
A mischievous toy dog known affectionately as 'Dylan the Villain' won the Crufts dog show in Birmingham.
22 Jun 2019
A new scientific study found that dogs have evolved to raise their eyebrows to ensnare human empathy. This could be either to emulate babies or to show people the whites of their eyes.
1 Jan 2020
The Panama Canal's handover from the United States 20 years ago has been marked in Panama amid water supply worries. Managers say less rainfall due to climate change has depleted the inter-ocean conduit's Gatun Lake.