Sunday, 16th January 2022

Mauritius oil spill: Captain and first officer get 20-month jail terms

Captain Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar admitted he had been drinking alcohol as cargo ship Wakashio ran aground in July 2020, spilling more than 1,000 tons of fuel into the Indian Ocean.


24 Dec 2019
The Galapagos Islands' delicate ecosystem was saved from the effects of an oil spill after a barge sank on Sunday. But authorities are 'very concerned' about the vessel's recovery.
17 Apr 2020
A 99-year-old war veteran from England has been using his walking frame to raise money for UK health workers battling coronavirus. Captain Tom Moore initially wanted to raise 1,000 pounds but ended up raising 12 million.
1 May 2020
We look at a new report in Le Monde from a European environmental agency which hails the unexpected benefits of lockdown: a drastic drop in air pollution that has saved an estimated 11,000 lives in Europe this month. Also, US hopes are rising over an experimental drug trial, while Swedish authorities go to extreme measures to prevent mass gatherings ahead of a festival. Finally, Captain Tom, British war veteran and coronavirus fundraising hero, turns 100!
10 May 2020
No fewer than 30 communities in Ondo state have been affected by the oil spills in the state.
24 May 2020
We look at how the illustrated press is responding to revelations by Donald Trump that he's been taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative for Covid-19. Also, will the easing of lockdowns change the work structure as we know it? And finally, Captain Tom Moore, British coronavirus fundraising hero, is to be knighted.
9 Jun 2020
The director of an Arctic power plant faces five years in jail after a major oil spill. Some 20,000 tons of diesel have flowed out of a collapsed storage structure, polluting waterways in Russia's north.
16 Aug 2020
Drone images show vast amounts of oil leaking from a bulk carrier off Mauritius after it ran aground in the southeast of the island. Ecologists fear the ship could break up, which would cause an even greater leak and inflict potentially catastrophic damage on the island's coastline.
14 Aug 2020
Mauritius said almost all oil from a leaking ship off its coast has now been removed. The country will also seek compensation from the owners of the Japanese ship for causing ecological damage.
31 Aug 2020
Tens of thousands of Mauritians have marched in the capital city to protest against the government's handling of a giant oil spill off its pristine Indian Ocean coast.
12 Sep 2020
The Japanese ship operator of the tanker that leaked over 1,000 tons of oil off the coast of Mauritius in July has pledged $9 million toward clean-up efforts. The oil spill has damaged mangroves and coral reefs.
3 Feb 2021
During the early days of the pandemic last spring, the World War II veteran became famous for walking around in his garden in a bid to raise money for UK health care workers.
1 Mar 2021
Well-wishers have paid tribute to the World War Two veteran who died of coronavirus earlier this month, aged 100. Captain Sir Tom raised millions for Britain's National Health Service.