Saturday, 3rd June 2023

Lockdown and racism go hand in hand in Catalonia

All access to the Catalan region of Lleida has been closed again after a surge in COVID-19 clusters. Most of the new outbreaks are linked to the chaotic situation of 30,000 foreign day laborers.


18 Jun 2017
Regional disease outbreaks - ECOWAS member states adopt 'one health' approach.
13 Apr 2018
Nearly one billion people will be vaccinated against Yellow Fever in 27 high-risk African countries by 2026 with support from the World Health Organization, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, UNICEF and more than 50 health partners.
29 Nov 2018
South Korea's top court has ruled that the Japanese group Mitsubishi should compensate individuals for their forced labor during World War II. Japan immediately retaliated, calling the ruling "totally unacceptable."
16 Feb 2019
The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control recently released a National Guideline for Lassa fever Management following its re-occurrence this year.
1 Apr 2019
Measles outbreaks in Europe: Cases spike amid vaccination slump.
4 Nov 2019
Catalonians enraged over the imprisonment of separatist leaders are presenting Madrid with one of its biggest challenges in months. The latest violence came as protesters began a three-day march to the regional capital.
1 Apr 2020
The Africa Risk Capacity is a specialised Agency of the African Union and they are currently undertaking an urgent exercise to model the potential impact of the coronavirus on Africa to inform and guide member states. This modelling according to the ARC will look into the likely short-term and medium-term effects of the pandemic on the continent as well as how to mitigate these shocks. Mohamed Beavogui, Director General and United Nations Assistant Secretary General, African Risk Capacity joins CNBC Africa for more insight into this.
27 May 2020
Two virus outbreaks have now been traced to Amazon warehouses in Germany. The company says it has introduced over one hundred new safety measures, which a major workers’ union says is still too little, too late.
20 Feb 2021
The World Health Organization's Africa chief speaks on patient zero for the separate, unlinked outbreaks of Ebola in Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
14 Aug 2021
The leader of Melbourne's Victoria state, Daniel Andrews, comments on the current coronavirus outbreak, after the state returned to lockdown for the sixth time since the pandemic began. Australia's three largest cities are in lockdown, as New South Wales records 319 community cases of the virus and five more deaths -- a third straight day of record case numbers.
29 Oct 2021
Tens of thousands of people in northern China have been placed under strict lockdown as officials seek to keep a lid on a growing COVID outbreak ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics.
5 Nov 2022
Researchers have linked an invasive mosquito to recent malaria outbreaks. The species thrives in urban areas and threatens to undo progress in eradicating the disease