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Little hope for Ukrainian prisoners in Russian jails

By France24
02 April 2019   |   7:56 am
Little hope for Ukrainian prisoners in Russian jails.


3 Mar 2019
Representatives of President Daniel Ortega and the opposition have begun talks aimed at resolving Nicaragua's political crisis. Earlier, authorities released dozens of people arrested in last year's crackdown.
15 Mar 2019
Congo's new President Felix Tshisekedi has pardoned hundreds of political prisoners, in a shift from his predecessor's crackdown on dissent. Many opposition figures were jailed under former leader Joseph Kabila.
2 Apr 2019
Little hope for Ukrainian prisoners in Russian jails.
30 May 2019
Former Lebanese prisoners and families demand justice for jail time in Syria.
12 Jul 2019
The ordeal faced by political prisoners in Venezuela
7 Oct 2019
Cameroon Anglophone crisis: President Biya releases over 300 prisoners amid peace talks
10 Nov 2019
Presumed guilty: Former Japanese prisoners speak out
23 Dec 2019
At least 18 inmates died and 16 were injured in overnight clashes between prisoners in Honduras after fighting erupted at a jail in the northern port town of Tela, prison officials said Saturday.
30 Dec 2019
Ukrainian authorities and pro-Russian separatists in the war-torn east of the country swap dozens of prisoners in a frontline operation that stirred controversy in Kiev.
1 Jan 2020
Ukraine and Russia-backed separatists in the country's war-torn east exchanged 200 prisoners, swapping detained fighters for civilians and servicemen held captive in some cases for years in two breakaway regions.
20 Mar 2020
Nigerian prisoners sleep on each other at night, says Rochas Okorocha
18 Sep 2020
Over 200 prisoners are on the run in the mountains of northeastern Uganda in a bid to flee cramped contagious conditions in jail. The military, in pursuit, has already killed two escapees.