Thursday, 23rd May 2024

Kuwait’s unique democratic experiment could be at an end

Kuwait has been known as one of the most democratic countries in the Middle East for years. But the royal emir's recent decision to suspend parliament has left some observers wary that it may slip into autocracy.

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1 day ago
Dotun Popoola from Ile Ife, Nigeria crafts metal sculptures of humans and animals, using them to express environmental decay and advocates both for recycling and upcycling.
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Dayslong funeral arrangements for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi have kicked off after he was killed in a helicopter crash. A procession in Tabriz has taken place amid five days of nationa mourning in the country.
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Many people are sharing images on social media, claiming to show the moments before, during or after President Ebrahim Raisi's fatal helicopter crash. Some even claim that the late Iranian president is still alive. We tell you more in this edition of Truth or Fake.
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Nine Egyptian men faced trial for negligent homicide following the shipwreck of a fishing trawler in June 2023 that left hundreds of migrants dead. A judge dropped the case, citing lack of jurisdiction.
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Displaced Palestinians are on the move again, this time from Rafah, where the Israeli military advances a ground offensive. As fighting is reported across Gaza, aid agencies warn that not enough aid is reaching people.
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Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei performed prayers in Tehran on Wednesday ahead of the funeral of President Ebrahim Raisi and his companions, who died in a helicopter crash near the Azerbaijan border at the weekend.