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Jubilant Erdogan supporters celebrate Turkish coup failure

17 Jul 2016   |   11:21 am   |   1m 3s
Answering a call to fill squares across Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ecstatic supporters surge through the streets to celebrate what they saw as one of the strongman's greatest victories after he stared down a military coup.

  • Ukaegbu, Friday C.

    The aborted coup in Turkey and the condemnation of the attempt from leaders across the world shows the love democracy as a form of government enjoys. Democracy is representative in form and character. With victory won by President Erdogan over the coup plotters, there is the need, when calm and normalcy return, for the President to review his leadership style to ensure they conform to the tenets of representative government. What most leaders today do on election is to play god and see opposition as a cankerworm that must be crushed. No matter how constructive the criticisms are, the purveyors are branded terrorists that must be dealt with. Definitely, that’s not in the spirit of democracy.

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