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Jewish settlers take over disputed West Bank building

By Reuters
26 July 2017   |   4:34 pm
Jewish settlers take over disputed West Bank building


27 Sep 2017
11 Feb 2018
Israeli forces killed a Palestinian gunman in the occupied West Bank, saying he was the head of a militant cell responsible for an ambush in which a Jewish settler was shot dead.
5 Jul 2018
Scuffles have broken out between Israeli authorities and protesters trying to halt the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar. An Israeli court approved plans to tear down the homes in a move protesters believe will clear the way for new Israeli settlements.
23 Oct 2018
Israel has ordered the people in the West Bank Bedouin village of Khan al Ahmar to leave their homes. Because they didn't have building permits, which are nearly impossible to obtain, they have been told to tear the structures down themselves.
9 Feb 2019
The 'apartheid road': West Bank highway sparks controversy.
17 Mar 2019
Breaking the menstruation taboo in the West Bank.
31 May 2019
'Mafak': Former inmate navigates 'normal' life in the West Bank.
11 Aug 2019
A young Israeli soldier reported missing overnight has been found dead in the West Bank. Security forces said the body had several stab wounds.
17 Aug 2019
Israel says Rashida Tlaib, who is of Palestinian origin, can now visit her family in the West Bank. She and fellow Democrat Ilhan Omar faced entry bans over their criticism of the Jewish-majority state.
1 Dec 2019
Another gift from Trump? Washington to recognise Isreal's West Bank settlements
1 Mar 2020
Israel has announced the construction of hundreds of new settlements in the occupied territory. The approval marks the latest in a recent string of promises to expand illegal settlements in the run-up to elections.
15 Jul 2020
Beit Iksa is a Palestinian enclave in the West Bank. It is surrounded by an Israeli settlement. Separated by a fence, it still takes an hour to get from the enclave to the settlement a stone's throw away, and only Palestinians with a permit can cross.